The outlook for big data talent is bright

According to the “Big Data Talent Report” in China, there are only 460,000 big data engineers in China, but within the next 3-5 years the country will need upwards of 1.5 million big data engineers!

According to the China Business Federation’s Data Analysis Professional Committee, the shortfall in China’s basic data analysis talent will soon reach 14 million. More than 60% of the positions recruited by BAT companies are for big data talent.


Demand is skyrocketing: salaries and job hopping are becoming critical.

According to the “2016 China’s Internet Talent Report” published by LinkedIn, Big Data engineers are the most in demand, while data analysts are the most scarce. LinkedIn report shows that data analysts have the lowest supply index of only 0.05. With so much opportunity around, data analysts are also among the fastest job-hoppers, with an average job stay of only 19.8 months.

At the same time, salary premiums for the big data industry are rising rapidly. The annual salary of big data newcomers in the workplace is 134% higher than that of ordinary Internet technicians, and for those with 5-8 years of work experience it is even higher. Their salaries are up by 78.04%, compared to general technical staff in the Internet industry.


Certification in big data is the highway for success

This shortfall in big data talent will continue to grow over the next five years. So learning to master big data technology has become one of the fastest ways for more and more people to realize their high-paying dreams in the workplace.

Dr. Toa Charm, Chairman of OpenCertHub, believes that, “The next few years will be critical in the development of big data. So nowadays nobody should be afraid of being eliminated from the workplace. Instead, people should actively upgrade their skills and obtain relevant professional certifications. Right now, the outlook for big data talent looks really bright.”