Authorized certification for opensource projects

Global recognition of professional ability
Role-based syllabus for opensource projects

Flexible in time and fees
Customized to individual career orientation
Syllabus design based on industry best practice

Applicable to business needs, not just theoretical content
Comprehensive certificate roadmap with over 300 opensource projects

Favorable to continued career advancement in Big Data

Syllabus Highlights

Introduction to Database
Basic concept of database and RDBMS for beginners. Understanding the basis of IT eco-system and database. Learning the database components, structure and architecture.
Use Key and Essentials Functions of SQL
Data manipulations (Select, Update, Insert, Delete). Fact finding (Display, Sort, Filter, Output). Statistic computing (Count, Sum. Average, Range).
Use Entity-Relationship Model to Describe and Explain
Cardinality, one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one, many-to-many. Databases models, data normalisation and transactions. Applications, trend and limitation in using SQL.

Certified Skills

  • Fact finding using SQL
  • Use SQL for analytics – statistical computation
  • Use SQL to manipulate data
  • Prepare dataset from single or multiple databases

Exam: 40 Multiple Choices | 60 Minutes (CDPOS-SQ1)

For more information, please click the link for the Brochure and Syllabus.