CPFA® stands for
Certified Professionals For Apache projects

CPFA® is an Apache-empowered and role-based certification scheme to authenticate the Data Quotient (DQ) from novice to expert for their career advancement in the digital economy.


CPFA® Citizen Data Scientist
Become self-sufficient in Data Technologies and self-service data analytic platforms. Gain special skills in data retrieval, data analysis and data visualization.
CPFA® Data Architect
Apply  Data Technologies to mix, blend, extract, transform, fill, drill, map, and grow datasets to create the data assets of the organization.
CPFA® Data Scientist
Master a group of de-facto Data Technologies that are battle-tested, scalable and extremely cost-effective. Unlock hidden insights to build an organization’s competitive advantage and influence on society.
CPFA® AI Engineer
Qualify to ‘train’ machines to exhibit the form of intellect that simulates the judgment and behaviour of humans with expert knowledge and experience in a field. Create intelligent machines to help people do their jobs better.

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