Authorized certification for opensource projects

Global recognition of professional ability
Role-based syllabus for opensource projects

Flexible in time and fees
Customized to individual career orientation
Syllabus design based on industry best practice

Applicable to business needs, not just theoretical content
Comprehensive certificate roadmap with over 300 opensource projects

Favorable to continued career advancement in Big Data


Citizen Data Scientist
Become self-sufficient in Data Technologies and self-service data analytic platforms. Gain special skills in data retrieval, data analysis and data visualization.
Data Architect
Apply  Data Technologies to mix, blend, extract, transform, fill, drill, map, and grow datasets to create the data assets of the organization.
Data Scientist
Master a group of de-facto Data Technologies that are battle-tested, scalable and extremely cost-effective. Unlock hidden insights to build an organization’s competitive advantage and influence on society.
AI Engineer
Qualify to ‘train’ machines to exhibit the form of intellect that simulates the judgment and behaviour of humans with expert knowledge and experience in a field. Create intelligent machines to help people do their jobs better.

Price book of  STANDARD Certificate


Certificate Exam Fee
Big Data Fundamental for Apache projects (CF) HKD 880
Certificate in Apache-Hadoop User (CU.HD) HKD 2,500
Certificate in Apache-Hadoop Engineer (CE.HD) HKD 2,800
Certificate in Apache HBase Engineer (CE.HB) HKD 2,800
Certificate in Apache Hadoop Administrator (CA.HD) HKD 2,800
Certificate in Apache Spark-Hadoop Specialist (CS.HD) HKD 3,500
Certificate in Apache Spark-HBase Specialist (CS.HB) HKD 3,500
Certificate in TensorFlow-Hadoop Specialist (CS.TF) HKD 9,800
Certificate in Apache MxNET-Hadoop AI Specialist (CS.MX) HKD 9,800

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