Introduction to OpenCertHub





OpenCertHub believes our future lies in democratizing Data Literacy for everyone is the key.

With the vision to democratize data literacy to everyone, OpenCertHub is an award-winning international assessment and certification organization delivering data skills qualification (CDPOS™) and has won several industry awards in Greater China’s region. OpenCertHub self-developed an intelligent online assessment platform with the latest technology in Facial Recognition, Blockchain & Data Analytics.





OpenCertHub Academy is founded by a team with big data, innovation and data mindset expertise, passionate to nurture data talent with data literacy in business. The team developed an effective and practical curriculum and programme (Data Literacy Empowerment Programme “DLEP”)with industry best practice to help corporates tackle challenges and grasp opportunities in the digital economy.

We aim to empower everyone with data literacy to unleash the values of data to create business and social impact in the digital economy.

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OpenCertHub DigiCredential has the vision: “Building a Better World with Trust and Sustainable Future”

We are a team passionate about promoting digital credentials to make our lives easier and secure from real-life to virtual. The team developed a platform embedded with public blockchain and enterprise digital credential management software to facilitate business partners to add value to their digital credentials offering. A digital credential is not only linkage to training or academic purpose in general, but it also becomes part of the digital transformation in the commercial world, especially in digital marketing. More scenarios like membership, competition, assessment, contribution, recognition and innovation can also enjoy the incredible value of digital credentials.

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