Introduction to The OpenCertHub

The OpenCertHub is a self-developed Online Examination Platform integrated with Big Data and AI technology. Our certificates will employ the latest technology such as facial recognition and blockchain for verification to ensure the highest degree of security.

The OpenCertHub is also the sole channel for EmblocSoft to provide Examination & Certification services for Apache project in Asia Pacific.


The world’s largest Open Source foundation which develops, incubates, and shepherds 300+ freely-available, enterprise-grade projects that serve as the backbone for some of the most visible and widely used applications in computing today.


One of the worldwide Apache projects service providers and is the only company from Asia that delivers enterprise Apache Hadoop edition to meet the demand of enterprise big data processing. Moreover, it provides Asia Pacific time zone support, training and qualification services for China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and other countries in Asia including Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, India, Australia and New Zealand.


CPFA® stands for Certified Professionals for Apache projects

Certified Professionals for Apache projects. Over the past two decades since 1999, over 320+ Apache projects have been open sourced. Apache’s Top projects are very popular and widely used. More importantly, many of them are the De Facto Standards in the world, e.g. Apache Hadoop, Apache HBase, Apache Spark.

According to Mark Driver, the Research Vice President, at Gartner, “The Apache Software Foundation is a cornerstone of the modern open source software ecosystem and supports some of the most widely used and important software solutions powering today’s Internet economy.”

CPFA® is the Role-Based Certification Scheme powered by Apache projects as well as any open source software that is under the same Apache license, e.g. TensorFlow. The CPFA Board is set up independently to prepare the CPFA®
Scheme that helps professionals prepare for successful careers in today’s innovation-driven world.