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BEFORE the exam
Member Registration
Do I need to register OpenCertHub’s account to enrol certification?
Yes. If you want to register for exam, you need to be OpenCertHub’s member.
I do not receive the first time login link email ?
A “first-time login link” email should be sent to your registered email address upon successful activated / created account.

If not, please check your registered email address is correct; your junk / spam mail folder.

Otherwise you can email us at [email protected] for assistance.
Can I add / edit my information after created account?
Click here OpenCertHub Member Portal , where you can update your personal information except your name, ID / passport information and date of birth.
I cannot login my Online Portal?
This may be caused by one of the following reasons:
  • the first-time login procedure may not be properly carried out
  • you have not created your user name and/or password
  • you have not activated your account within 72 hours after the “first-time login link” email is sent to your registered email address
  • your user name and/or password do not match with our record
Please email us at [email protected] for assistance.
I forgot my password, what should I do?
Click here hyperlink to reset password to reset your password. Follow the procedures.
Exam Enrolment
How do I enrol for OpenCertHub’s exam?
You should have an Online Portal account. Please login to the OpenCertHub’s Online Portal and click “Enrol Exam”.
How do I schedule an exam?
Select the regions, then select the exam centre location and check the exam date & timeslot availability.
How do I reschedule an exam reservation
You can select re-schedule exam in member portal at least 2 days before your exam date, not including the day of your exam. Click re-schedule exam in OpenCertHub’s member portal.
Where do I take OpenCertHub’s exams?
OpenCertHub offer both online and offline exam. For offline exam, you can select the most convenient location & timeslot in exam enrolment portal.
What happens if I don't show up for my exam?
You are marked as a absent for the exam and you forfeit any fees you paid for the exam.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept WechatPay and Alipay in China. We accept Visa, MasterCard, WechatPay and Alipay HK in Hong Kong.
How can I get my official receipt?
“Receipt” is provided with exam confirmation email. You can also download and print your official receipts for exam(s) enrolled from OpenCertHub’s member portal under “Receipt”.
Can I make refund on the examination fee?
You are eligible for a refund of 70 percent of your exam fees if you cancel at least 3 days before your exam date, not including the day of your exam. Detailed procedures, please refer to exam refund policy in term & condition.
Exam & Certification
Do I need to take training to take a certification exam?
Anyone can take a OpenCertHub certification exam. To be better prepared, we suggest you to take a related training, please find the training centre information at hyperlink to training centre.
Are there prerequisites for exam?
Certificate have various prerequisites. Please kindly check details at Certification.
Are the exams available in language other than English?
Ans : We provide both Chinese and English for all exams. Select the preferred language in exam enrolment process.
I fail the exam, can I take it again?
Yes. You can. reschedule to register the exam again Yes. You can reschedule to register the exam again.
Where can I purchase OpenCertHub’s exams preparation materials?
We do not offer training material online. For better preparation of exam, you can attend related training.
Online Exam Preparation
What is the device and software requirement for taking OCH Online Exam?
Please check and ensure below minimum requirement are configured prior taking OpenCertHub online examination. Minimum requirements

A. Operating Systems:

Window 7 or above

B. Browsers

You must use Google Chrome or 360 browser or Firefox

C. Internet Connectivity

• be connected to the internet via a broadband internet connection with a minimum download speed of 10Mbps and upload speed of 2Mbps.

D. Specifications for Testing device

• Minimum Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo 2.66GHz or equivalent

• Minimum Installed Memory: 2 GB

• Minimum Free Memory: 1 GB

• Free Disk Space: 2 GB

• Display Monitor: at least 1280 x 800px resolution, with 16-bit color depth

• Webcam: min. 640 x 480, 30fps

• Mouse and keyboard

Prior to actual exam, you are required to complete the system trial exam on the same computer and location you will test from. The system trial exam will take 15 minutes. Online exam access will be provided after completing the system trial exam and one hour before the scheduled exam start time.
DURING the exam
Exam Entry
What do I need to do on the day of exam?
Arrive at the exam centre at least 20 minutes earlier so you can complete check-in.

Print the admission ticket with QR code in the blank paper before arriving at the exam centre.
How do I launch the exam?
• [Onsite] Step 1: Scan the QR code on the admission ticket to start.

[Online] Step 1: Login Member Portal [Access to the exam portal will be allowed one hour before the scheduled exam start time]

• Step 2: Take a photo which will be posted on your certificate validation system. You can retake the photo until you are satisfied.

• Step 3: Web camera will continue to record your image for cheating precaution purpose only.
What is the confidentiality agreement I must agree to in order to exam?
All content, specifically questions, answers, and exhibits of the certification exams are the proprietary and confidential property of OpenCertHub. They may not be copied, reproduced, modified, published, uploaded, posted, transmitted, shared, or distributed in any way without the express written authorization of OpenCertHub.

Candidates who sit for OpenCertHub exams must agree they have read and will abide by the terms and conditions of the Certifications and Confidentiality Agreement before beginning the certification exam. The agreement applies to all exams. Agreeing and adhering to this agreement is required to be officially certified and to maintain valid certification. Candidates must first accept the terms and conditions of the Certification and Confidentiality Agreement prior to testing. Failure to accept the terms of this Agreement will result in a terminated exam and forfeiture of the entire exam fee.
What should I do if technical problems are encountered during exam?
All facilities will be checked by exam centre administration staff before exam begins. In case of technical problems, please contact exam centre admin to re-arrange a new computer station.

For mass technical incident eg loss of connectivity, server failure, a new exam will be re-scheduled by the exam centre.
What can I take into the exam centre?
You can take an exam admission ticket (with QR code), approved writing instruments into the exam centre. All others items must be kept in the personal belongings area and will not be accessible during the exam.
Can I use the internet during the exam?
All exam are closed booked. You are not allowed to refer external material eg website during the exam. Any violation may be considered fraud and can immediately end the exam.
Will I be allowed to go for a break during the exam?
You can “lock screen” for a washroom break. However exam time will still count, and you need to scan QR code again to resume exam.
What should I do if I see suspicious behaviour at the exam centre?
Please contact and report suspicious behaviour to the exam centre admin.
Bad weather arrangement.
If the exam is cancelled by the exam centre due to adverse weather, examinees will be notified by email. Exam centre will re-scheduled the exam.
AFTER the exam
Exam Result
What is on my scores report?
Grading : Passed with Excellence or Passed or Failed
How and when do I get my scores?
The primary exam result will be sent to your registered email within 4 hours.
How many certificate are included in the exam fee?
Upon successful completion of an exam, soft copy certificate , physical copy of the certificate (upon request) will be provided/
When will I get the certificate?
A soft copy of your certificate will be available at the membership portal within 14 days of exam completion.  We offer a hard copy of your certificate on request. The certificate will be delivered within 60 days upon request.
How can I request a physical certificate?
You can request a physical certificate within 1 month upon successful exam completion. Please provide your postal address in the membership portal or update the postal address via the hyperlink in the exam result email. The application is subject to physical certificate handling fee.
How long are scores valid?
The certificate will be valid for 3 years upon successful exam completion.
How could potential employers validate my certificate?
You can trigger a verification link via member portal and send to your potential employer. The soft copy certificate and certificate details in blockchain will be shown.
Could I cancel my scores?
Scores cannot be cancelled, but you can retake exam if needed.
Can I request a score review of my exam?
You can request the score review process with Score review form. Administration fee HKD 500 will be collected per request. The score review result will be provided within 30 days upon request.
Where do I download the cert’s softcopy in the website?
You can download the certificate soft copy in membership portal.
What should I do if I lost my certificate?
You can request re-issuance of a physical certificate, administration fee HKD 500 will be collected per certificate. Please send the request to [email protected].
Certificate Online Verification
How to verify certificate online
Details please refer to "> this link.