6Biz Academy X OpenCertHub – Free Webinar regarding “Data Literacy – The Most Wanted Skill In The Digital Economy”

Data literacy will be a survival competence in the foreseeable future. OpenCertHub aims to democratize data literacy with open-source technology to everyone. It is a big step for us as we have extended CDPOS™ certification to Southeast Asia with our training partner in Malaysia – 6Biz Academy, a famous training institution, who also aims to match the right data talents for businesses.

On 8th December, Dr. Toa Charm (Chairman of OpenCertHub) and Daniel Yuen (COO of OpenCertHub) are invited by 6Biz Academy to speak in a free webinar with M.G. Ong (Chief Advisor of 6Biz Academy), sharing about why data literacy is the most wanted skill in the digital economy.

▲ Mr. M.G. Ong, Chief Advisor of 6Biz Academy (Left 1), Dr. Toa Charm, Chairman of OpenCertHub (Center), Daniel Yuen, COO of OpenCertHub (Right 1)

In Dr. Toa Charm insight, the digital leaders are all relying on the big data that they got. He also explained that asset-light company, for example, Airbnb (which owns no real estate), can grow fast because they can monetize and make use of data much better than the company with the heavy asset.

▲Dr Toa Charm explained why asset-light businesses perform better the others.

Dr Toa Charm also discussed the importance of data literacy in the coming decades. He showed that 30% of jobs would be replaced by AI automation in 2030 by both PWC and World Economic Forum statistics, including professionals like accountant and engineer. However, new jobs will be created at the same moment to make use of data and make AI sustainable. Data literacy will be the most demanded skill in the age of AI.

▲According to PWC prediction, 30% of our current will be automated by AI by 2030.

Daniel Yuen, COO of OpenCertHub, explained the features of the CDPOS™ certification scheme and how to become a certified Citizen Data Scientist. He also analyzed that enterprises will be more interested in candidates who have good knowledge of big data and open source.

▲ Daniel shared the differences between each module in the CDPOS™ certification scheme.

Mr M.G. Ong, the Chief Advisor of 6Biz Academy, has 30 over years of experience in digital consultancy, management and training, serving clients around the world from diverse industries.

After the sharing of Daniel, M.G shared how non-IT talents initiate their first step toward the big data world. He showed the journey of data citizen certification, which only takes 3 days for the participants to get certified as “Data Citizen” in the training course.

▲ Mr M.G. Ong discussed how easy for a non-tech talent to get certified after joining their courses.

The webinar lasted about 1.5 hours and over 110 people participated. Participants are very enthusiastic to know more about details of course in the Q&A session. One of the participants, Stephanie, who certified as “Citizen Data Scientist”, commented that CDPOS™ is useful and recommended participants to start a journey in data analytics during the epidemic period.

▲ Stephanie shared her learning path after she got certified as “Citizen Data Scientist”.

CDPOS™ (Certified Data Professional in Open-source Software) is a certification scheme on open-source software skills offered by OpenCertHub. CDPOS™ is divided into 3 different levels. To become a CDPOS™ certified citizen data scientist, people need to pass 3 examinations to receive “Big Data and Open-source Fundamentals Certification,” “Data Visualization Essentials Certification,” and “Data Analytics Essential Certification.” For more information about the training courses developed by 6Biz Academy, please check the links below:

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