American Chamber of Commerce Shanghai, KORNERSTONE, and OpenCertHub co-organized an online webinar on the topic of “Essentials on Corporate Digital Transformation for CEO & CXO.”

Dr. Toa Charm, Chairman of OpenCertHub, was invited as a guest speaker to share his analysis on corporate digital transformation. Dr. Charm is an Associate Professor of Business School at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and he was also a former senior executive of Cyberport, IBM, Oracle, HSBC, and Kingdee.

▲The online webinar covered 4 important questions in the digital age

The online webinar covered 4 important questions in the digital age as below:

  1. The 4 competitors of enterprises
  2. The secret formula for successful enterprises
  3. Talents strategy and challenges
  4. Become a citizen data scientist and grasp growth opportunities

Traditional enterprises are facing great competition in the digital age

Recently, high-cap companies have changed from traditional asset-based companies to modern internet companies, such as Microsoft, Amazon, Alibaba, etc. When Jack Ma, Pony Ma, Jeff Benzos, and Bill Gates got to the top in the global richest list, it showed that the era of the digital economy has come. Traditional enterprises have to be forced to face change, and in the process of change, they also have to face different challenges.

▲Traditional enterprises are facing a challenge from four aspects of competitors

Traditional enterprises are facing a challenge from four aspects of competitors, namely technology giants, start-ups, cross-border opponents, and competitors in the same industry. Such competitors may have abundant resources such as capital, manpower, and experience, or they may have subversive product ideas. These competitors are squeezing the survival space of traditional enterprises, forcing them to complete their digital transformation as soon as possible.

Big data is the secret formula of competitive advantage in the digital age

“Data will become a valuable asset, and it will sway into the balance sheet,” Kenneth Cukier, editor of The Economist and author of “The Age of Big Data,” predicted. Current outstanding tech corporations and start-up companies are good at using data to defeat the traditional industry giants.

▲Tech giants and start-ups using data to compete with traditional enterprise

For example, the effort of Amazon in adopting Big Data and AI laid down the foundation of success and helped them to become an internet giant. Uber, Airbnb, Wechat, Alibaba, Facebook also built a virtuous circle of data.

▲Building a virtuous circle of data is essential in the success

Reskill has become the first choice for companies in the digital age

In the era of big data, data literacy of management and employees have a huge impact on the value of enterprises. PWC predicted that 30% of jobs would be lost due to AI automation in 2030, but at the same time, AI automation also creates new jobs such as trainers and analysts. Big data will be the most demanded skill among those new occupations. Therefore, acquiring data literacy and reskilling for management and employees is an essential part of successful digital transformation.

▲Big data is the most demanded digital skills across APAC

Becoming a citizen data scientist and take the opportunities of data

Most leading companies have their big data strategies, culture, technological innovation, and talents. Among them, talents have a huge impact on enterprise innovation, decision-making, management, and execution. Therefore, high-quality talents are the key factor in enhancing corporate digital capabilities.

▲Leading companies have various data talent to discover opportunities

In the era of big data, data application tools are also changing. Open-Source software has become the best choice for enterprises. Among the top ten big data tools used by the world’s leading big data-driven enterprises, the top four are Open-Source software, and half of the top ten software is Open-Source software.

▲Open-Source tool is playing an important role

OpenCertHub was established in April 2019. It is the sole channel to provide official “Powered by Apache” Examination & Certification services in the Asia Pacific. “Role-based” big data certification scheme is designed for over 300 Apache projects, including 4 major certificate qualification of citizen data scientists, data architects, data scientists, and AI engineers. The certification scheme can help corporations and talents acquire data literacy and quickly applied to workplaces.

▲”Role-based” design can help corporations and talents acquire data literacy and quickly applied to workplaces

With the mission to democratize data literacy to everyone, OpenCertHub is looking forward to cooperating with different partners and contribute to the community in offering big data certification fields – so as to democratize data literacy and knowledge to everyone.