Authorized certification for opensource projects

Global recognition of professional ability
Role-based syllabus for opensource projects

Flexible in time and fees
Customized to individual career orientation
Syllabus design based on industry best practice

Applicable to business needs, not just theoretical content
Comprehensive certificate roadmap with over 300 opensource projects

Favorable to continued career advancement in Big Data

Syllabus Highlights

Big Data Analytics
The foundation concept of big data. How big data impacts the business world today. Analytics capabilities: Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive & Prescriptive from the big data angle.
Open-source Software
Introduction to the open-source technologies and the development. The top projects from the world’s popular open-source software foundations such as Apache, Linux and Python. How open-source technologies become the trend to drive innovation and being the most critical part of enriching big data analytics.
Data Visualisation
Design concept and feature of data visualisation. The introduction of Apache Superset, a user-friendly data visualisation tool that is essential to most of the data users today.

Certified Skills

  • Describe the new best-practice to use in a big data analytics environment and how big data impacts the technology ecosystem.
  • Explain why and how the open-source movement impacts the technology ecosystem.
  • Explain the key factors to identify and use different data visualisation technology to communicate data in context.

Exam: 40 Multiple Choices | 60 Minutes (CDPOS-M01)

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