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Syllabus Highlights

Big Analytics Process
The analytics process of diagnostic and predictive analytics. Data prep tasks - data collection, data cleansing, data munging and data visualisation. Build analytics model - convert unstructured data into quantified metrics.
Big Diagnostic Analytics Essentials
Diagnostic analytics objectives, processes, data prepping. Data modelling for diagnostic analytics with Hive, Spark SQL and PySpark. Data visualisation for diagnostic analytics - Apache Superset.
Big Predictive Analytics Essentials
Predictive analytics objectives, best practices, processes, data prepping and model building using Hive, Spark SQL and PySpark. Recognise and select an appropriate machine learning algorithm at hand. Predictive modelling - decision-tree, clustering with Python and Spark MLlib.

Certified Skills

  • Create data models for analytics function on multiple data sources
  • Prepping the data with SQL Lab and perform diagnostics analytics with Superset
  • Select an appropriate machine learning algorithm at hand with MLlib & PySpark API

Exam: 50 Multiple Choices | 75 Minutes (Module 3)

For more information, please click the link for the Brochure and Syllabus.