Personal Stories

Poon Ho Shing
Technology Adoption Manager of a Local Public Utility
”OpenCertHub provides official recognition to my professional ability on data proficiency in Open-Source software with CDPOS™ certificate. I passed CDPOS™ M01 and M02 exam for “Data Citizen” role-based certification, which helps us adopting Big Data technology with best practice in our business.”
Lamson Chan
Deputy Sales Director of a Global Hardware Vendor
"I appreciate offering of practical assignments and the course is definitely helpful in improviing my understanding on how to use Apache Superset to visualize my project data.”
Dick Tang
Senior Regional Business Manager of a Global Software Vendor
“CDPOS™ curriculum is suitable for the layman level to learn big data skill and knowledge especially in big data analytics. The big data analytics boots my business efficiency, it is easy to gain actionable insights.”
Henry Yeung
Product Marketing Director, CITIC Telecom International CPC
”Data skills are now essential for almost every role in every organization. The CDPOS™ course is an introductory course appropriate for both tech and non tech people to equip their data literacy. With lots of cases sharing and hands-on practices for an open source tool (Superset), this gives me insights for how to make use of data in my work.“
Johnny Choi
Data Application Development Division, Information Technology Department, Project Manager of a China Banking
”The topics and the content of the course are well organised, the understanding between big data open-source technology are critical if you want to develop your career with data technology. The CDPOS™ role-based certification is a good design to qualify the level of data literacy, it can help me to enrich my profile in the big data area.“
Patrick Tsoi
CEO, Sunon Technology HK Limited
"Thanks to OpenCertHub, we open up our training services together in China, HongKong and Malaysia! We will keep contributing to the CDPOS certification by providing the best training services to the candidates!"
Alan Ong
Director, Siang Pharmacy
"I come across this course to actually showcase to me that what are the benefits for analytics. Superset give me something to take away from this course, to think and go back to my stakeholders, basically my shareholders, tell them something that they don’t know."
Angeline Teh
Founder and CEO, Future Proof Minds Consulting
"The games were fun and interactive. Its experiential learning which helps us to absorb what we learn faster and more effective. I found that the data citizen course is very essential in terms of growing any business. I would strongly encourage any companies or organisations out there to learn this course and to use it for their business growth."
Head of CPD, MICPA
"I would recommend this course to others because not only that you can use it in your work, I think in your life, your own personal life as well you can also apply it. Because it’s very easy."
Director, Prima Khas Sdn Bhd
"It was a good experience because sometimes in class we just have to walk around and learn more about analytics. So, I think its very useful. So far, I find it interesting. I would definitely recommend this course, data citizen certification to my colleagues and even to some of my friends. I think it will be good for them also."