Data Literacy as the key factor in digital transformation

Introduction Of CPFA® in SmartBitz 2019

Organized by Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), SmartBitz Expo is one of the major public events regarding innovation, smart city, and digital transformation of small and medium enterprises (SME) in Hong Kong. This Year, SmartBitz Expo 2019 successfully gathered over 400 exhibitors from more than 30 countries and regions, to explore the opportunities of innovation and co-operation with their potential partners. 

▲The booth of HKPC in SmartBitz 2019.

▲Andy Kwok, CEO of OpenCertHub, was invited as one of the seminar speakers.

▲Andy Kwok (Centre), CEO of OpenCertHub, Desmond Chan (Right), Representative of HKPC.

Mr. Andy Kwok, CEO of OpenCertHub, was invited by the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) as a speaker in their booth during the exhibition. Andy explained the features and characteristics of the CPFA® Scheme and emphasized the importance of data literacy in the era of digital transformation. As per the prediction of Forbes, a famous international media, data literacy will be one of the essential jobs skill in 2020. Therefore, reskilling and data literacy is no longer an option but an indispensable need for different careers. 


▲Andy shares his view about data literacy.

▲Audiences in the seminar.

▲Audiences sharing their opinion about the topic of data literacy.

▲Audience looking for more detailed information of CPFA® Scheme.

During the speech, Andy explained the “Role-based” design of the CPFA® Scheme and introduced the four different roles of the scheme: “Citizen Data Scientist,” “Data Architect,” “Data Scientist” and “AI Engineer.” Andy further added, “Despite the importance of data expertise such as data scientist and data architect, everyone in the different department also plays a critical role in the transformation. In order to successfully transform into a data-led corporation, data literacy is an essential skill for everyone in the corporation.” 

▲Andy (Right) elaborating on the difference between the four roles in the CPFA® Scheme.

▲Andy (Right) explaining the features of CPFA® Scheme.

▲Desmond (Left) introducing the training course compatible with CPFA® Scheme.

After the speech, some audiences were inspired by the introduction of the CPFA® Scheme and showed great interest in the certification system. The first training session compatible with CPFA® by our well-known training partner HKPC will be launched on 23rd December 2019. For more information and the presentation slides on the event, please check the link below:

Infomation of HKPC course:

Click here to download the presentation slides