Expert Stories

Mr. Herbert Chia
Venture Partner of Sequoia Capital China, Former Vice President and Head of Data Committee of Alibaba Group
”The significance of stream computing will increase as the Internet of Things (IoT) comes of age. Technology pertaining to big data will continue to evolve and advance. To survive and thrive, companies will need to move in step with the time.”
Ms. Anna Lin, JP, FCILT
Chief Executive of GS1 Hong Kong
”Data is the foundation for business success. Accurate, shareable, searchable and linkable information is critical to redefine the customer experience, while data analysis and intelligence that generate insights can help retailers and brands stand apart.”
Dr. Kai Chen, PhD (Shanghai Jiao Tong)
Assistant Executive Director, Artificial Intelligence Research Centre
Assistant Professor, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
“In the era of artificial intelligence, big data is of great value to the application of artificial intelligence to enterprise results. Big data can be used as training samples and test samples of artificial intelligence deep learning algorithms and machine learning algorithms, making artificial intelligence algorithms more and more accurate; Enterprise big data can also be converted into a knowledge graph to help enterprises make breakthroughs in cognitive intelligent applications.”
Weidong Zhao
Associate Professor, School of Computer Science of Fudan University, China
“Data analysis is a necessity for business competition. Inadvertently, it has gradually infiltrated thousands of industries. As the protagonist of the digital transformation of enterprises in the future, data capabilities will relentlessly separate the old and new business formats, and empower the pioneers to upgrade.”
Dr. Victor Ng, PhD ( Sun Yat-sen), MBA (Oxford)
Advisor, e-Learning Development Laboratory, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, The University of Hong Kong|Head of Academy, TADEMY
“Change becomes the new normal in the evolving and dynamic digital era. Navigating change and transformation involves complex problem solving in digital contexts. Data literacy, the ability to read, write, analyze and communicate data in context, is an essential competency for deriving insights from data, which is central to problem solving.”
Mr. Michael Yung
Head of Digital Product and Technology, Asia Miles, MBA, BCS, CISA, CISM, CCI
“Data is the new oil.” Clive Humby said. However, data in itself is merely facts and figures. On the other hand, data analysis organises, interprets, structures and turn the data into actions with the aim of enhancing productivity and business gain. Every company shall master that skill."
Teddy Liu
General Manager - Corporate and Talent Development, New World Development Co Ltd
"Data is KING and Tech is Queen.  The more relevant data we have, the stronger our empire can be, and the better we can serve our citizen.  Tech must be always be lean, young, attractive and up-to-date to make best use of Data for creating value, attracting more resources to make our business enterprises stronger and stronger."
Ir. Susanna S C SHEN
Head of Corporate IT, The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Ltd. Chairperson of CIO Board, HKCS
"It is a data-driven world. Data power people from all walks of life. With appropriate tools, big data unleash intelligence that helps an organization to excel to the next level."