Role-based certifications on essential data skills

Recognition of professional ability in data
"1+X" syllabus for data literacy empowerment

Flexible in time and fees.
Customized to individual career orientation
Syllabus design based on industry best practice

Applicable to business needs, not just theoretical content
Modular approach for data skills development

Favorable to continued career advancement in Big Data

What is CDPOS™?

CDPOS™ is an international Skills Certification designed specifically for Open-source Software. Anyone (including non-tech personnel with zero data knowledge) can take training courses to learn the
basic knowledge of open-source software tools required by digital transformation enterprises. He/she can then take the assessment to obtain respective international certification.

CDPOS™ is designed for certifying data literacy for an employee in digital transformation enterprise, currently offering 3 types of qualification certification (Data Citizen, Citizen Data Scientist, and Advanced Citizen Data Scientist), which includes 4 types of module certification (Big Data and Open Source Essentials, Data Visualisation Essentials, Data Analytics Essentials, Python For Big Data Analytics.

The “1+X” feature of the certification courage the participants to merge data literacy with their domain knowledge and explore further opportunities in their career.

Syllabus Highlights

Perform Impactful Descriptive Analytics
Prove their ability to use low-cost and high-return open-source technology to perform impactful descriptive analytics
Design and Build Data Visualisation
Show their expertness to design and build a data visualisation with best practice


  • 40 Multiple Choices | 60 Minutes (CDPOS-M01)
  • 50 Multiple Choices | 75 Minutes (CDPOS-M02)

For more information, please click the link for the Brochure and Syllabus.